Information Technology Department continues to follow technological developments in the IT field by working as a stable and dedicated our university. The University Computer Center Internet, Web, Network , Systems Support , Software Development , Education, serves in the R & D field.

Erciyes University to implement information technology at the highest level and to ensure the widespread availability of this technology. Rapidly growing student and staff numbers along with the required software, hardware and other IT services to ensure the continuity of them meets the requirements concerning , number of computers , networks, and undertake activities to improve the Internet infrastructure , create specialized staff for these jobs , at the forefront in terms of implementation level of computer technology University to get involved and preferred it.



Apartment our Presidency began operations in 1985 with two staff . In 1985, the IT sector is very new Mac and PC -based computers , mainframe systems with as little applicatio first began to be written by software is provided the first Internet connection in 1994, 9600 bps.


19200 bps over METU in 1996. Our high school line internet line was engaged . Given by the ULAKBİM the year 1998 128 Kbps Frame Relay links with the university is a turning point in the information covered by structural and technological developments in the Processing Center 

Structured cabling work across the university during this time , active network equipment and management, system security, email , web, and extensive research is done in software development. In the early days of 2002 and our Internet connection speed of 2 Mbps speed reached 500 Mbps moment . Institute , Faculty, School of Internet infrastructure and services are provided in our unit . A project carried out in 2009 and our central Internet connections in the local network backbone chassis was changed to redundant and load sharing . About 10,000 more than the number of active end I serve Erciyes University network. 160,000 of our users can benefit from the e-mail service.

Comprehensive information about our university using web technology today does not change a promotional tool , which is offered online and our Faculties and Institutes introduces themselves from the website. Payroll , Personnel, Student Affairs has been engaged in automation.